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We at Red Frog Bungalows know that travailing can stressful when not knowing what to expect at your destination. Here are a few answers to some of the most common asked questions.

How far is the internet and Bocas Town from Red frog Bungalows?Bocas town is 15 minutes by boat. Many boats travel in the day from Red Frog Beach to Bocas. You will need to hire a boat for nightly trips. The approximate cost Roundtrip for 2 people is $25.00.

Are there intermediate and beginner waves to surf?There are many less challenging waves in the region. There are waves to Longboard, intermidiate waves, and professionals only surf...We have it all in Bocas.

Can you surf in front of the Resort.?There is a great wave in the corner of Red Frog Beach. We call it Backyards. It gets incredible and I guarantee you will be the only one out!

Is there anywhere to purchase water or beer close to the resort? We sell water, beer, liquor and sodas at the resort.?

Can we organize activities from the resort?We have our own boats and drivers to guide you on trips around Bocas.Snorkelling, hiking, seightseeing, birdwatching etc.. We keep it all in house to assure yourhave a quality expereince.

Are there bugs?We are located on the beach we have a constant salt-air sea breeze. We are in a tropical rainforest so there are bugs. We have mosquito nets over every bed and we also provide mosquito coils at night .

Can we use cash travellers checks in Bocas? No, you have to cash them at the bank first. At times, this simple feat can take over 1 hour.

Are there ATMs? There are 2 Automated Teller Machines in Bocas Del Toro.

Do you have a driver in Panama City? Major airlines fly to Tocumen Airport in Panama City and most arrive in the afternoon or evening. Since flights to Bocas leave in the early morning and early afternoon, an overnight stay in Panama City is usually in order. I highly recommend sending an e-mail in advance of your arrival to Jose Saenz ( saying when you will arrive and what price range hotel you wish to stay in. If you are bringing a surfboard, he needs to know that, too, so he can pick you up in his 15-passenger van instead of a smaller car. Also, let him know if you plan to leave on the morning or afternoon flight to Bocas and he will make your reservation in advance - you just pay at the counter when you check in. Jose will take you from Tocumen Airport to your hotel and pick you up the next day to take you to the regional airport for the one-hour flight on Aeroperlas to Bocas. He charges for his services but no more than the taxis do and he is the safest driver in town. He can also take you sightseeing and speaks excellent English