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The Indigenous Ngobe Indian Community of Bahia Honda is located in the middle of Bastimentos Island. It is approximately 10 minutes from our dock at Red Frog Bungalows. The main activities of its inhabitants are fishing and subsistence agriculture. Tourism is an alternative that has grown in the last few years. Our launch point for this tour is at the dock in front of the Bahia Honda elementary school.

One way in which we like to support this community is by eating at the Bahia Honda Restaurant. We enjoy the spectacular ocean view and dine on the traditional Ngobe cuisine. Mixed seafood or chicken with coconut rice and local vegetables are the main staple. Depending on the season, either yuca, otoe, platans and green or sweet plantains are also served along side the entree.

We launch our tour and it is a very mellow 30 minute paddle across the bay. We often see Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins resting at the mouth of the river. The river is pictured to the left and has no rapids. We kayak up the river approximately 30 minutes to an abandoned Chocolate plantation. During the paddle, it is possible to see endangered sloths, exotic birds and Cayman crocodiles.