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In January of 2008, 16 of the best kite surfers in the world descended upon Bocas del toro for the 1st ever Best Kite boarders and Offshore Odysseys Big wave kitesurfing expedition. There were kite surfers from Tahiti, South Africa, Israel, Hawaii, Brazil, and France. The goal of the trip was to kitesurf the region for the first time and also to find waves. We did both!

The expedition started around Bocas town. There are numerous trips places to kite but the wind was not cooperating. We made the decision to go down to Cusapin and Escudo De Veraguas. This part of the coast is virgin. The beaches are beautiful, the surf is empty, and there has a tendency to be a bit more wind in the area. We did not find any wind but the surf was spectacular. We had the entire beach to ourselves and the surf well overhead. Many boards were snapped in just a few hours surfing this powerful beach break. Cusapin is the most beautiful experience in the region. It is located approximately 20 miles south of Bocas. A perfect anchorage for boats with perfect surf. We always love to guide people into this region as we know we are going to score phenomenal waves every time!

The Kitesurfing expedition also went out to Escudo De Veraguas. Escudo De Veraguas is stunning. The island is located 10 miles offshore and is a piece of paradise. White sand beaches and crystal clear water..although we did not score great surf, all the kite surfers got into the water and got their kites in the air. Smiles all around!

The kitesurfing shot is from Jody Macdonald. Jody is a professional photographer who travels the world capturing incredible images.