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Red Frog Cantina

The Cantine at Red Frog BeachOur talented chefs prepare and serve three excellent meals served daily. We understand the importance of good food especially when traveling in a foreign country and We take great pride in our menu and making sure we use only the freshest ingredients available. We know that after a long day in the water it is important to refuel the body. Not only will you be amazed at the flavors and preparation but you will never leave the table unsatisfied. Due to the fact that we are on and isolated island our chef's prepare a different set menu each day. However if you are planing a trip and have certain allergies or culinary needs just let us know and will will be happy to do our best to accommodate you.

There is plenty to do...

Red frog bungalows restaurantRed Frog Cantina is not just our restaurant it is also the common area and bar. We have plenty of activity's to keep you busy during down time. We have a pool table, darts, board games, surf movies and hammocks to lounge in listing to music or just reading a book. We are surrounded by the natural beauty and wildlife of panama and only steps away from the beach. Come join us and let us be your host in this beautiful paradise

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  • Restaurant
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  • Dinning at Red frog bungalows
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  • Hot tub
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  • Red frog bungalows restaurant
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