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Surfing in Bocas Del Toro is World Class!!

When the swells arrive, Bocas del toro surf is incredible. We have some of the best waves and variety of breaks in the Caribbean. At Red Frog Bungalows, co-owners Scott Balogh and Scott Beck have surfed all over the world including Australia, Galapagos, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Tahiti, Indonesia, Mexico, California, and Hawaii. We have pioneered many spots in the Bocas Del Toro area. Nobody has the experience we have in Bocas Del Toro surf.

There are over 10 good waves within 20 minutes from the resort. Some of these are world-class. We explore these waves from the comfort of our facility, traveling to all locations via boat. Our fast 26-foot boats will drop you right by the take-off point, and if requested, anchor in the channel to serve as a rest stop. Cold beverages, towels and shade are never more than a short paddle away. The surf in Bocas del toro challenges beginners and professional alike. For the past 4 years Red Frog Bungalows has catered to the best professional surfers in the sport. We scored some of the largest and heaviest waves ridden in the Caribbean. We are the best in the business in Bocas Del Toro

The season starts in early December and begins to fall off in early April. The peak of summer can also produce a mini season during the months of June and July. There are some epic days during these months and the waves are usually cleaner due to more favorable weather conditions. While there can be some big days during these months, the summer season does not compare with the winter in terms of duration or consistency.

We limit the resort to 10 surfers or less at all times!

We do not like crowds so if you have the ability we will take you to rarely surfed breaks all over Bocas. We are the only ones to surf the world famous Silverbacks and are not scared of surfing the biggest waves that Bocas can produce.

We have the areas most experienced guides

Our guides are totally dedicated to surfing in Bocas Del Toro. They know weather wind and swell forecast giving our guest the ability to be at the right spot at the right time to score the best surf Bocas Del Toro has to offer. If you don't feel like travaling with your board we do offer board rentals from short board to long board and even SUP's.

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Come surf with the best and forget the rest. We have it all covered.