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Red Frog Bungalows prides itself on being a totally green eco-resort. We have been at the forefront of the drive for sustainable tourism in Panama. Our bungalows are totally run on solar power. We depend on the sun to provide all of the electricity for the resort. Each bungalow has an individual power source and battery bank. Red Frog Bungalows was built in Bali Indonesia. The homes were knocked down and rebuilt on Red Frog Beach. They are traditional Balinese rice barns called Jinengs. The wood used in construction was all Certified Plantation Grown Hardwoods. All of the furniture was imported from Bali and has also been produced from plantation grown Balinese Teak.

Septic can be a big problem but we use composting toilets. They are low 1 pint flush toilets. Regular toilets use up to 40 gallons a day. Our composting toilets are odorless and the actual seat itself is porcelain. you would never know the difference.

We have created gray-water evaporation canals to reuse our sink and shower water. We water our Taro with our gray water. This broad leafed plant evaporates a tremendous amount of water a day with its massive leafs.

Red Frog Bungalows is proud to go Carbon Neutral. We are the first resort to try and attain this in Bocas Del Toro. We are working directly, the leading non-profit climate change solution provider in the United States. Red Frog Bungalows will purchase carbon offsets in the form of reforestation projects in Central America. Carbon offsets are donated dollars to help support reforestation projects. This will allow us to offset the carbon emitted by using our boats.

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