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Bocas Del Toro offers some of the best wakeboarding in the world

We are located in the middle of hundreds of mangrove islands, inlets, and cays. Flat water and sheet glass conditions can be found year round.

"Absolutely perfect for wakeboarding". This is why Red Frog Bungalows has been fortunate enough to guide the best wakeboarders in the world. Over the last 2 years we have guided world champions such as Shawn Murray, Dallas Friday and Brian Grubb. Rookie of the year Adam Errington, Legend Parks Bonifay, and Hellman JD Drew have also used our services to film movies and experience wakeboarding Bocas Style.

Scott Balogh, guide and owner of Red Frog Bungalows has been an integral part in the filming of 2 Red Bull wakeboarding films, a special for Fuel T.V and numerous photo shoots for Wakeboarding Magazine and Alliance Wakeboarding Magazine. Most recently, Red Bulls Parks Bonifay showed up in Bocas to film for his upcoming movie with his friends Adam Errington and photographer Kieth Kipp. They wanted to shred places no wakeboarders have ever been before. Red Frog Bungalows delivered!