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Zipline FAQ's

Price: $55 per person (group rates available)

- Ziplines
- Sky-Bridges ~ Tree-Challenge Course ~ Tarzan Swing ~ Rappel
- Short Nature-Walks

Expect the canopy tour to be a 1/2 day activity. The tour itself usually lasts
between 2.5 & 3 hrs. We ask that all participants remain flexible regarding
time. Lunch & Dinner is available before or after the tour.
- Camera’s break often & are hard to take photos with leather gloves
during tour. A professional photographer offers affordable photo

Reservations: (507) 757-8021

Quick-prep list for the canopy:
• Closed toed shoes
• Long hair tied back
• Any loose items clipped or secured
• Happy face worn

• 4 years minimum age
• 300lb. weight limit

What's a typical trip like?
Upon arrival at Red Frog Resort’s Public Dock and Welcome Center, a shuttle will transport you to Kayukos Lodge. Guides and friendly guest service staff will greet you and help you register for the tour. You will be asked to sign a release of liability and disclose any relevant medical conditions. Guides will be checking to ensure that you have proper footwear and clothing, aren't wearing any dangling jewelry, and wearing your hair in a way that keeps it from being an entanglement hazard. This is the time to ask any last minute questions, use the restroom, or address any concerns. The tour will leave promptly at the scheduled departure times.

A 5 min 4x4 ride will take us to the Canopy Tour entrance. There, we will take a very short, scenic hike to the staging area and give an in-depth safety talk, gear everyone up, give skill instruction, and do a guide demonstration on a sample “mini practice zip line & platform”.
A suspended sky-staircase leads you to the first zip platform. You will be clipped into a safety line beginning at this staircase and will remain clipped during the tour. You will travel from platform to platform via one small hike, ziplines, an assisted high to low platform rappel and/or an optional ropes course and tarzan swing. At the end of the tour, you will take a small hike to the 4x4 transport that will take you back to Kayukos lodge where you can share stories, memories of the trip, look at photos/videos, depart for you next adventure, order lunch or dinner, hike to the beach, and/or just sip on a cold fruit smoothie or cerveza!

Can I go if I have medical conditions?
It is initially your responsibility to determine whether or not you are capable or fit to participate. Bastimentos Sky reserves the right to exclude any guest from participation for medical, safety or other reasons. The canopy tour is designed for participants young and old of average mobility and strength who are in reasonably good health.
Obesity, high blood pressure, cardiac and coronary artery disease, pulmonary problems, pregnancy, arthritis, tendonitis or other joint and musculoskeletal problems may impair the safety and well-being of participants on the course; as may other medical, physical, psychological and psychiatric problems. All such conditions may increase the inherent risks of the experience and cause the participant to be a danger to themselves or others. Participants with underlying medical problems that put themselves at greater risk of injury or illness during a canopy tour must carefully consider those risks before choosing to participate. They must fully inform tour staff in writing prior to the beginning of the tour.

Can I bring a camera with me?
Yes, however, it will be very difficult to use during the tour because you will be wearing gloves.  The tour is also very “hands on” and you will only be permitted to use your camera while standing on the platforms. It is essential that your camera is secured to your body while zipping, rappelling or any other element of the course that requires your undivided attention. We sell mini carabiners for this purpose. If you choose to bring a camera please know it is at your own risk and there is a possibility that it will be damaged.

A photographer is available and will accompany us on the trip. Photos are made available to view and to buy afterwards. An HD helmet-mounted camera is also available for rent.

What happens if I start the tour and don’t want to finish?
Guides are trained to be encouraging but will not pressure you or make you feel obligated to continue. The course is “challenge by choice” so if you feel that you cannot continue, you have the option to quit. Please know that after the first zip, the tour takes place on elevated platforms high above the jungle and will require a rappel down and will not be an easy hike back to the beginning or end of the tour (whichever is closer). In this situation, you will not be issued a refund.

Do you go in any weather?
We go rain or shine! Rain actually brings out many Red Frogs and other animal life not normally seen. Weather conditions that cause us to cancel tours are excessive rain, wind, and/or lightning.  In any case, you should show up for your tour.  We may cancel a tour minutes before it begins or anytime during a tour due to the varying weather patterns here. In the event of cancellation before a tour, we will try to get you on another tour, give you a rain-check, or will offer a full refund. We will offer a re-schedule or partial refund upon our discretion if the tour is cancelled anytime during the tour.

How safe is this activity?
Overall, very safe. Please be aware that their are inherent risks taken on any canopy tour. We carefully manage those risks by extensive planning, training, and attention to detail in both the construction of the course and the ongoing development and management of our guides. Please know this experience is meant to be authentic and engaging, participants are asked to be aware of their surroundings, and maneuver themselves through the tour safely.  Generally speaking, this canopy tour is safer than your last taxi ride.

How long does a zip line canopy tour take?
Plan on this being a ½ day activity. The actual tour itself usually takes 2-3hrs hours depending on each groups dynamic. Be flexible with time. Lunch is available on premise at Punta Lava Beach Bar & Grill and in Kayukos lodge.

Who can go on a zip line canopy tour?
Our minimum age allowed is 4 years (anyone lighter than 70lbs. mayb be escorted by a guide during the tour) and maximum weight allowed is 300lbs. Participants should be able to hike a short distances (less than a ¼ mile) and should be in reasonable physical shape. An adult must accompany children under 16. We cannot allow pregnant women to zip. We reserve the right to deny any one individual in order to uphold our safety standards. Communication with Bastimentos Sky beforehand is highly recommended in order to assure your participation in the tour.

Should I do the ropes course?
The ropes course offers a unique and incredible experience because you are the one traversing yourself through the canopy via cable tightrope, floating logs, a cargo net and a sky-bridge. If you are hesitant about the idea of flying above the canopy in the first place, and like the idea of the zip lines transporting you almost effortlessly, the ropes course might not be for you. Our suggestion… Give it a try. If you decide it is too much for you, we have the ability guide you, and/or trolley or “zip” you across these sections. Our guests typically find that it is easier than it looks and expect.

How many people go on each tour?
Typically, 2-15 people. Special arrangements for a larger group are possible, but will require prior communication.

How high in the canopy is the course?

Elevated tree platforms range from 15ft to 100ft from the canopy floor. Zip lines cross valleys that are up to 150 ft below.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for humid or wet conditions; avoid loose clothing that could tangle in ropes or other gear.  Skirts should be avoided. The Canopy tour runs rain or shine so come prepared with rain gear and shoes that have good traction and do well in muddy conditions. Sandals or flip-flops are highly discouraged.  We offer shoe rental in the event you do not have appropriate shoes for the tour. You should remove any dangling jewelry and tie long hair back. Our advice is to remove all items from your pockets before going on the tour.

What should I bring?
You will have a chance to stow any items that cannot be clipped to your harness during the tour before departing to the Jungle Canopy. Anything you bring on the tour itself must not be an entanglement hazard or have the potential to drop during the tour.

Where can I store valuables during the tour?
We will provide a secure and locked storage area. We are however, not responsible for the theft, misplacement, or loss of any items.